Summer of ’70

It was the summer before her 17th birthday–the age of hippies, mini skirts, bell bottoms, and so-called peace and love. An unimaginable war was being fought half a world away, while America was in political and social turmoil. But growing up in the deep south, she felt far removed from the world’s problems. Her days were filled with the sounds of music. She spent hours on end playing piano and singing hymns, show tunes, and whatever sheet music she found in the piano bench. Her Daddy’s stereo could be heard spinning her favorite records and the old dial radio was always tuned to the top 40’s station.

On that hot July afternoon, as she sat outside drinking a glass of sweet tea and the radio playing, he drove up in his baby blue Mustang. A nineteen year old college student with sun-bleached hair, dreamy brown eyes, and a certain mystery that she found intriguing. She only had distant ideas of him until now. But what she did know was they had something in common. Jumping out of his car wearing the latest bell-bottom jeans, button-down shirt, and the most perfect smile, she felt her face turn red over her appearance: hair pulled up in a pony-tail, scrubbed face without make-up, and purple stained hands from shelling peas!! After a few nervous words he said, “I brought you a little something”. Why would he be bringing her something? She had never received a gift from a guy. It was just a plain brown paper bag, but in his hands, he held what would be a life changing gift.

How did he know that she loved music?

How did he know that was her favorite song?

How could it possibly be his?

Little did this girl and this guy know that God would use such a small gift to bring about His perfect plan for a lifetime as He would join their hearts. This guy’s God-given musical talent and his ability to communicate the greatest love-story of all time have been used to bless countless lives. Their love for music is a gift spanning generations. This wonderful legacy of music continues strong in the life of their son.

Forty-four years have passed and her eyes still tear and heart flutters when he plays his guitar while singing his songs of God’s love and of their love. They still call that 1970’s song, his first gift of many to her, “their song”. Occasionally, it plays as they drive the country roads of their youth, but there is one place it is always playing: their hearts.

“Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things,endures all things.  Love never ends.

– 1 Corinthians 13:7-8a

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