My Dream Cabin In The Woods

“For behold, he who forms the mountains and creates the wind, and declares to man what is his thought, who makes the morning darkness, and treads on the heights of the earth— the Lord, the God of hosts, is his name!”
‭‭Amos‬ ‭4:13‬ ‭

It’s the last unofficial day of Summer, and we are at the turn of another season!  Before you know it, we will be putting away the shorts & sandals and pulling out the sweaters & boots!  Here in Northeast Alabama, I love that we are able to experience four definite seasons!  Although each one offers a different gift to our senses, Autumn remains my favorite!  Life seems to slow down because of shorter sunny days that give way to crisp fall evenings.  Have you stopped to notice how our Creator paints the bluest skies with puffy white clouds?  Or how He brushes the leaves with shades of orange, gold, and red?  Oh, how His glory is always on display!

The autumnal months are ones that we have made trips to places like Blackberry Farm nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains near Walland, Tennessee and Old Edwards Inn in Highlands, North Carolina.  These are two of our special places to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation with a respite from all the busyness of everyday living!  We have also been privileged to visit the Colorado Rockies many times and last year we enjoyed the beauty of Montana’s Bitterroot Valley at Triple Creek Ranch!  These places have their own special beauty in different mountainous areas of the United States and  invoke the warmth of a crackling fire, a steaming mug of hot chocolate, and a good book to read!

When Butch and I first bought our fifteen acres of land, we considered building a small log cabin to live in before building the home we are in now.  We also considered buying a cabin in Mentone, AL a few years ago, but plans changed!  Maybe by now, you are seeing that my idea of a perfect place to retire would be something like this:  a cabin in the mountains with a clear, flowing stream, hardwood trees with beautiful fall foliage.  The cabin would be rustic with a cozy stone fireplace, wide plank floors, large porches…oh, I could go on and on!  But I think what draws me to the idea of a mountain cabin the most is the natural beauty all around and the calm life that go along with it!

Since I equate Fall with my dream cabin in the woods, I wanted to share one that matches my style!  This mountain home that we are about to tour was constructed from two log cabins that dated to the turn of the 19th century!  They were relocated from Tennessee to Cashiers, North Carolina.  This dream log home was one of Charles Faudree’s last projects before he passed away!  You can see my earlier post on his work here: It’s All In The Mix! I wouldn’t have any trouble moving in! Let’s take a look… A connecting hall links the two cabins.  Butch loves hunting, so the white-tail deer mounts caught my eye and are a perfect welcome to this log cabin.  The covey of quail patterned Scalamandre fabric on the antique chairs sets a theme for rustic, but elegant interiors.  I have used this fabric for a client’s home and it is always a classic, and one I never tire of! I am smitten by the laurel branch stair well in the living room!  The hand-hewn log walls, wide plank floors, and botanical fabrics add to the cozy and casual feel of the home!Warm rust tones, woodsy greens, and autumn golds give the log cabin a sense of the fall season!  The custom antler chandeliers mix beautifully with the more formal corner cabinets.  The French chairs upholstered in plaid and leather complement the rustic dining table!
 Rustic custom cabinets and antique treasures fill the kitchen! The kitchen has a French country farmhouse feel.  The piece de resistance is the French butcher’s shop table.  Above the table is a collection of copper saucepans and Spode “woodland” plates! More “Woodland” transfer ware and silver serving pieces on the granite topped island!An antique French buffet with marble serves as a bar.  Rose Cumming wallpaper in an “acorn” pattern adorns the wall! A pair of trumeau mirrors flank an oil painting over the bed in the master bedroom!  Treasured antiques blend seamlessly with rough hewn logs and chinking! The plaid upholstered chair along with the window treatments work well with the antique French cabinet and starburst mirror! Antique blue-and-white plates and a gilded mirror hang on rough log walls above a painted chest
 The outdoor living area with its stone fireplace, antler chandelier, and laurel branch railings provides a sanctuary for quiet dinners or entertaining a crowd! The front porch looks out on the lake with a custom swing covered in burlap and a pair of red rattan chairs!  What a peaceful spot for reading!

pam closing

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  1. Alice says:

    I am not a fan of log cabin living, it’s to much brown for my taste. However if I had the opportunity to live in the mountains, I to would have selected Charles Faudree to decorate. He was my dream interior designer. That said, living in the mountains carry with it some problems for my Cavaliers. They would never be able to go outside by themselves as the mountain lions and the bears would gobble them up before you could stop them. Also my long walks and jogs would carry with them a little danger from them. So, you could call me a flat lander as I would never chose mountain living.

  2. Suzan says:

    What a beautiful home ! I don’t know if I could live in the woods BUT my favorite book as a little girl was Little House in the Big Woods ( so there’s always been a fantasy factor there )
    My Aunt lived deep in the woods also when I was a little girl – loved visiting her and exploring outside ! As for Fall ? Not for me – if you lived in Montreal – and had our winters you’d get that Fall is just to close to that season LMHO – we’re in the midst of a heat wave here – almost 100 degrees and I’d take that over Fall any day LOL
    Thanks for sharing that gorgeous home !

  3. Barbara says:

    This is my idea of paradise. I could go much more rustic but I agree, living in a log cabin with nature sounds so wonderful. I smiled when I saw the brown transferware. It must be meant for me because my dishes are already there! I really enjoyed this!

  4. katheryn murray-lindsey says:

    I enjoyed the tour of this log cabin and would live here in a heart beat as long as I could be close to medical care. Consequently, I’ll just dream. However, there are several ideas within that could readily be adapted to a home in a suburb. I’d just replace the brown transfer ware with my blue collection. Thanks again for sharing!

  5. itsallaboutpurple says:

    it is a beautiful, rustic home…with just the right amount of charm. minus the stuffed heads, of course!!!!! 😉

  6. Kim says:

    Stunning! I love anything done by Charles Faudree. Like you, I could move right in! I think my decorating style would be drastically different if I had an endless supply of money. But then, the creation part on a budget offers its own element of satisfaction, don’t you think? Thanks for sharing this gorgeous home!

    • Kim, I agree if I had unlimited budget things might look different. But, I have become much more content as I have grown older and hopefully deeper in my walk with the Lord! I have everything I need and way more than I ever dreamed of or deserve! Blessings!

      • Kim says:

        Amen! Me, too. Things don’t matter so much at our age. It seems all too soon we’ll be discarding most everything anyway, getting ready for a “retirement home” situation, right? God gives us complete contentment!

  7. dolores says:

    Maravillosa “cabaña”…Es un palacio rural, es una auténtica maravilla!!!
    Me encanta el campo y con esta muestra de decoración sublime…¡¡toda la vida!!! jajajaja
    Gracias por mostrar belleza tan grande.
    …Y esa estancia exterior con su chimenea es impresionantemente bella.
    Ah, se me olvidaba…si lo deseas entra en este otro blog mío donde verás un video de mi visita a París en ¡otoño!…las fotografías las hice yo. “Mi espacio musical”

  8. Stephanie says:

    Oh, what lovely photos, my friend! I love the charm and sweetnes of a cabin. I lived in Cananda for 8 years and when we moved back to the states my parents, sister, and I moved into a small rustic cabin that was nestled in the woods. There was also a delightful creek right by the cabin. My parents still live there and it’s always so peaceful to visit them 🙂

    Thanks for joining Roses of Inspiration. Hugs to you!

  9. Jann Olson says:

    Wow, this is a gorgeous cabin Pam! Hubby and I went to look at a cabin on Sat. We are thinking of buying one. Retirement is in the near future. It was much more rustic than this and needed some updating. We’ll see where it goes from here. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  10. Susan armstrong says:

    I just discovered your blog, I live on a lake in Alabama and loved seeing this “cabin”, particularly the outdoor “rooms”. However, since my porch swing gets wet when it rains, I wondered about the burlap swing. Beautiful, but how does it survive in the elements?

  11. Wow Pam, this was just stunning to look at! This is not my style at all, but it looks so warm and inviting! I started to drool when I saw the French Butchers Table in the kitchen! Now I remember why I love Traditional Home so much!! Thank you so much for sharing this! Have a wonderful weekend:) Hugs – Christine

  12. Stephanie says:

    Good morning, Pam! This afternoon at Roses of Inspiration I am featuring the top five posts from last week and this one is among them 🙂 Thanks for sharing and have a lovely week! Hugs and blessings!

  13. lelaburris says:

    What a beautiful home! I am in love with this cabin. I could definitely live there (maybe minus the deer heads on the wall, though). And I am swooning over the gorgeous transferware. Thanks for sharing at Inspiration Thursday!

  14. Kim Blair says:

    I don’t know why your blog has never come up for me on Pinterest but I’m glad it did now. I’ve seen many of these images but just never in one place, so I love this. I have every book Charles ever put out. I didn’t hear of his passing until many months after. But here’s the other thing I love about your blog: We are die-hard devotees of The Old Edwards. In fact I bought Charles’ last book at Acorns. We just discovered OEI about FOUR years ago and have already logged SIX visits there. Will probably have our seventh next Spring. I have told so many friends and family about it and several have come close to going but I’ve never actually gotten them to go – which breaks my heart. Would love to hear back from you about your experiences there.

    • Kim, I am so glad you found my blog! I welcome you new friend! I am a retired decorator and Charles Faudree’s style was one that I admired so much! I still refer back to his books! Old Edwards is one of our favorite places! I love the food, the hospitality, the spa…I guess you could say everything! It is a place to just relax and enjoy! We have been twice and we have stayed in the same gorgeous room both times! I have recommended it many times to friends and I don’t think anyone has tried it yet! They don’t know what they are missing! Another favorite is Blackberry Farm in Walland, TN! It is more expensive, but we do love it also! I love smaller boutique hotels with ambiance and history! Again, thanks for your lovely comments and I hope you will be back! If you have other amazing places and experiences, please share! We love travel! Blessings!

      • Kim Blair says:

        Pam – Thanks for writing back. I think you and I are really cut from the same cloth….. both loved Charles, both LOVE the OEI. Like sisters who’v just never met. And when you say friends don’t know what they’re missing – I know, right? So many people I’ve told about OEI seem genuinely interested but then never pull the trigger. I should tell you that I’m a single Mom and have been blessed to have the MOST beautiful and amazing son who happens to be severely autistic (non verbal). 26 years old and of course lives with me and, guess what…. LOVES to travel. And boy do they love all over him at our beloved Old Edwards. About our fourth or so time, we arrived up at the Lodge for check-in and he ran up onto the porch a few paces ahead of me and two very familiar staff members greeted him with a big, Hi, Alex, shook his hand, told him they’d gotten the computer there in the Lodge up on and it was waiting for him. There’s probably about a dozen staff members that really know us / him and make us feel like they’ve really been anxiously awaiting our return. It is such a great place. We’ve never stayed in the historic part of the Inn – We’ve stayed three times now in the new Falls Cottages and they are wonderful, but I think next spring if we’re able to go, we’ll try something different. Which room did you stay in? Blackberry Farms has been on my bucket-list for possibly 20 years, but Yes – it is really really expensive and anyplace with these big multi-course meals that are automatically included really wouldn’t work for us. We love to eat, but just could never eat that much and he couldn’t sit long enough to have such a lengthy meal. Where do you live? We’re in St.Louis and don’t fly at all so we go places that are no more than 10 hours and have someplace interesting to stay en-route so no more than 5 hours per day. You asked where else we go. One is the American Club in Kohler, WI. We’ve been going every Christmas for many years and are scheduled again for this year – God willing. We’ve had to cancel last minute on 2 occasions due to weather but those were both many years ago. Last year it was actually kind of warm. Anyway – hope to hear back from you. God Bless, KIm

      • Kim, it is so nice to meet a sister-at-heart, we really have a lot in common! If you will send me your email, we can converse that way! I have lived in northeast Alabama all my life! I have been married for 42 years to my wonderful husband and we have one son who will turn 30 in December. He has been married for three years to a precious young lady! We have a chosen daughter who is 34 and single! I am so glad that your son likes to travel with you and that the staff at OEI loves him and takes such good care of him! The two times we have been we have stayed in the Spa Suites in room 6, I believe! This might not be the best accommodation for you, but since they know you, I am sure they would give you the best options! We have been so fortunate to travel to 41 countries! We, of course, love a good road trip! My husband travels with his job and now that I have basically retired, I go often! Blackberry Farm is wonderful, I did a blog last February, but it is pricey and I understand that you might not want a four-course meal! We have been thinking on a trip for next year out of the country, but with our world in such turmoil, we may stay put! Love chatting with you! Blessings, Pam

  15. Kim Blair says:

    Pam – I agree that now is a scary time for foreign travel. This beautiful world that God has given us has so much turmoil and hate, it breaks my heart. You asked what other destinations we’ve enjoyed and I also want to mention (and wouldn’t be as far for you) is The Ritz Carlton Amelia Island, FL. Not that there’s a ton to do there – it’s more the beauty and serenity of the place. It’s someplace I do hope to go again but it would be certainly longer than my 10 hour rule. Maybe someday I’ll try flying again – the RC is only about 25 minutes from the Jacksonville airport. Oh, my personal email is so, yes I’d enjoy chatting that way better too. Have a lovely day, Kim

  16. Kim Blair says:

    Pam – I just checked to see if my post a minute ago went through and where I put my email address it just deleted it. Can you still see it towards the bottom of my post ? I’ve never had that happen before. If you can’t see it either maybe you can somehow shoot me yours and I can respond. But here I’ll try again.

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