Stop and Smell The Flowers

 “for behold, the winter is past; the rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.”
‭‭Song of Solomon‬ ‭2:11-12‬ ‭

Spring is around the corner, and you know what that means…FLOWERS! You may remember last year when we took you along with us as a landscaper established a garden space for us…it was a complete overhaul of our backyard!  But just in case you weren’t a follower of the blog then, let me take you back.  We started with ideas here and here, then progress of the landscaping job, and finally the big reveal!  Of course we kept you updated as seasons changed too!

The job was completed around mid-June, and by this time annuals and perennials weren’t readily available!  I am wanting to be prepared this year so I get the best selection!  We planted limelight and vanilla strawberry hydrangeas that tolerate full sun and did great during our heat wave of last summer!

I have included some of my favorites that will survive our southern climate and will be great for cutting and bringing indoors!

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A sneak peek into our garden last summer!

The pairing of purple irises and hydrangeas makes me think of my maternal grandmother who could grow anything!  Her irises were amazing!

The exotic variegated foliage of the canna lily in the foreground against the yellow-flowered black-eyed Susan provides color and texture!

Peonies (a favorite of mine), irises, lambs ear, dianthus, and salvia give an English garden feel against a beautiful white fence!

Foxgloves add drama and vibrant color!

Snapdragons add lovely colors to a cutting garden!

Our vanilla-strawberry hydrangeas turned out to be beautiful last year as they changed colors!

Echinacea “Rainbow Marcella” is a new cultivar that is durable and hardy as it blooms for months and is a magnet for butterflies!

Dahlias will bloom from mid-summer until frost…

…and are easy to grow with some varieties having dinner-plate size blooms!

A traditional style flower bed using a lot of color but grounded with a pop of white!

An energetic flower bed mixing perennials that will fill in after the gorgeous tulips begin to fade!

Our sunflowers had the happiest faces!  I can’t wait to plant them again this year!

Flowers chosen in similar hues offer a soothing palette for the garden!  The birdhouse adds whimsy and function!

Our garden is partially fenced and so far, we haven’t planted anything on the outside – I love this overgrown English cottage style!

The unlikely combination of chives and irises is really pretty!  I wouldn’t have thought to pair them!

Asters are a tough perennial that we planted years ago and they attracted butterflies!  Butch wants to plant them in our new space!

Salvia and lantana make a perfect pairing because they love hot, sunny spots and attract scores of butterflies!

A cottage garden of allium, tulips, and forget-me-nots!

Clematis makes a showy statement as it climbs!

A peony is one of the most beautiful blooms and heavenly scents!

We love our outdoor space and spend a lot of time out there during the warmer months!  We will keep you updated with progress and would love to know what your favorite flowers to plant are!

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    • Everyday Living says:

      Stacey, thanks and after our rainy winter, so ready for flowers to be blooming this spring and summer! Have a wonderful week!

  1. What a feast for the eyes and soul this morning. God’s creation is such a blessing for us to enjoy. Your garden is beautiful. I love the scripture you chose today.
    You are further north so you can grow peonies. I adore them but we don’t have much luck this far south with peonies.
    I have a wonderful afternoon yesterday cutting flowers and glad there were some to cut. I was surprised the buds opened undamaged after our cold weather. I was able to replenish and change my table for our Valentine dinner.

    • Everyday Living says:

      Bonnie, I never cease to be in awe of God’s creation and the detail of a flower! I saw your beautiful camellias, showstoppers for sure! I can’t wait to get out and dig in the dirt! Happy Tuesday!

  2. Wow Pam, your garden is incredible! I have admired it in your photos often, but seeing all the blooms throughout the seasons in this one post is breathtaking! I would be out there snipping daily! We have to address our yard this spring, this is great inspiration!

    • Everyday Living says:

      Jenna, thanks so much! We have other areas to address with our landscaping this year. My husband says it is never finished and I agree, always more to do ! Good luck with your project!

  3. Cindy says:

    Holy Cow! Your garden is spectacular! Did you dead head or cut everything down or just leave it? Please let me know! Would love to plant a garden similar to yours !!! Gorgeous!

    • Everyday Living says:

      Cindy, love your questions! I am a very amateur gardener! Learning by trial and error and reading! We did deadhead everything! This year I just want to plant a lot of perennials and trying to make sure they will survive our hot Southern climate! Please let me know what you plant and let’s compare notes. I love to learn! Happy Tuesday!

    • Everyday Living says:

      Hi Cindy, we planted the sunflower patch from seed that we had bought the previous year in the Texas Hill Country! We planted the seed in early June. This year we are going to plant a little earlier and stagger planting times to have a longer lasting bloom time! Hopefully that will work! But, yes they were from seeds! Blessings

  4. Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

    Never grown, but always wanted to grow foxglove! It’s spring-like here this morning. I’m sitting in the kitchen with the door open. But alas, it’s short-lived for a storm’s-a-brewin’!
    Thanks for the inspiration from your gorgeous garden!

    • Everyday Living says:

      Shirley, thanks so much! Hopefully, your hydrangeas will bloom! The vanilla strawberry that we planted was very showy last summer, hopefully again! Have a beautiful Tuesday!

  5. Carol Cook says:

    Oh, my goodness! I have total garden envy. Your garden is what I wanted my garden to look like when I retired and had time to work in the garden. The first summer I retired we got a puppy who totally destroyed the garden. And then came the drought. I hope that El Nino really does a number on us this year so I can actually water this summer. And, if I can water, I will be looking at your garden for inspiration.

    Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!

    • Everyday Living says:

      Carol, thank you so much! Stil much work to be done, it can get really hot in northeast Alabama during summer and also very dry!

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