Our Garden, Our Haven

“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭46:10‬

I’m sure you all have that place that is known as your “little piece of heaven”.  That place where your cares subside and the world quietens.  I think in our rushed and busy lives, we all need a place of solitude to just get away from it all.  If you remember last year, we did a complete overhaul of our backyard, and we just thought we loved it then!  From bright zinnias to climbing foxgloves to the sweet aroma of gardenias, the garden has become our little haven.  You have seen it on Tablescape Tuesdays, but today we want to slow it down a little and show you the details of our springtime garden!

A striking contrast of the Bloodgood Japanese Maple and all the shades of green!

Coral Drift Roses

“My favorite weather is bird chirping weather”
Terri Guillemets

The Limelight Hydrangeas will be in bloom soon!

I love the brilliant blooms of the zinnias…soon the lavender will be showing off its beauty and fragrance!

Coral Bark Japanese Maple

The thyme with its pretty little white flowers!

“Gardening is about enjoying the smell of things growing in the soil, getting dirty without feeling guilty, and generally taking the time to soak up a little peace and serenity”
Lindley Karstens

I am hoping that I have success with the Foxgloves!

It is time to cut the pasture behind the garden!

The smell from the Daisy Gardenias is perfume in the air!

The scarecrow has a new spot…note the yellow-green foliage of the Sunshine Ligustrums!

More blooms from the Coral Drift Roses

“Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat”
Laura Ingalls Wilder

Can someone identify this?  It was originally planted in 2001 in our front yard landscape, and I can’t remember what it is called.

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt”
Margaret Atwood

I like introducing blue in the garden with the planter and the old garden chair!

“The earth laughs in flowers”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

“To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow”
Audrey Hepburn
Hanging basket next to our kitchen porch

Thank you for joining us in our little haven…and you’re welcome to come back anytime to help us pull weeds!

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  1. Beautiful, Pam! My garden is bursting with color right now too, and I love it. The Bloodgood is a specimen I also have, and I love its contrast against other hues both in spring and fall. That pink flowering shrub is a spirea. It’s fun playing with the color wheel in the garden, isn’t it? Happy gardening!

  2. I have the same pink spirea. It looks great in arrangements.
    If you haven’t grown foxgloves before I found you should stake them early so they will stay straight. Lowes has the metal stakes with a spiral curve at the top and the best ones are the large spiral. They work best for foxgloves and amaryllis.
    Love your blue touches. I have done the same.
    So glad to learn the name of the daisy gardenia. It does look like a daisy. Someone used it at our garden club ( we took arrangements to the nursing home) last week and no one knew it’s name. I have regular ones but I love the daisy one. I hope to root a piece of my friends. I’ve had good luck rooting mine which is an old fashioned variety that I haven’t seen in the nurseries in a number of years.
    Have a great week. Thinking of you and know how hard it is to wait for the new baby.

    • Bonnie, thanks so much…I know that you could teach me about the finer things of gardening! I am a novice and I consider you the expert! We did stake the foxgloves after I shot the photo. The daisy gardenias smell heavenly! Happy Wednesday

  3. lulu says:

    As much as the blooming things, what I enjoy about gardens are what they attract. Nature is such a gift. BTW, the first line of scripture is one of my favorite ways to calm myself.

  4. Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

    It all looks so pretty and gardenias smell wonderful! I can almost smell them from your photos!

  5. Kim says:

    Oh, I know you must enjoy your garden! I love that pig flower pot so much! Thanks for sharing all your gorgeous flowers, plants, and trees. What a beautiful and bountiful blessing!

  6. Kay Grogg says:

    I’m a transplant in Tennessee from Virginia. The things that I miss the most from growing up in VA are Camellias and our Gardenia bushes. I can smell yours from the computer! hmmm hmmm hmmm

  7. Susan Gay says:

    Your garden is beautiful. My husband and walk walk to the back of our property every night and check our small vegetable garden, our citrus trees, fig trees and we just added blackberries. It is a pleasure to watch things grow and provides us with joy.

  8. So, so beautiful Pam!….Hope you have great luck with the Foxgloves too!..we planted some in hopes it would deter the deer, and of it looks beautiful too!….Love that maple!….I often wonder how much time you spend in the garden.

  9. Mary says:

    Gorgeous blooms in your garden Pam! I love the contrast and color of the Japanese Maple foliage with the lime greens and golds! The field next to my Potting Shed is ready to be cut and baled too 🙂

  10. Jann Olson says:

    It truly is a delight Pam! I love the contrast of the yellow green foliage amongst the colorful blooms. Thanks so much for taking us on a tour and sharing it with SYC.

  11. Wow, loved seeing all the gorgeous blooms. I recently planted some more delphiniums and am hoping I have some luck with those like your foxglove. Love those darling little spikey flowers poking thru. Have you ever tried to use foxglove in a flower arrangement? I’m curious how it would react.

  12. bj says:

    Your flowers are blooming MUCH sooner than ours, out here in West Texas…the last of the month may see more blooms here..and by June, things will be in full bloom…Here from Rattlebridge

  13. Michelle says:

    Beautiful Pam. Just beautiful. I live my garden dreams through you. I can’t grow anything and if I do have success, I marvel for a time and enjoy it. This takes so much work and time and the quotes you chose to reflect here are perfect. Reminds me of my father’s yard as he was in love with gardening and it showed.

  14. Stacey says:

    Pam, everything is just amazing at your house. I see that a few people identified the spirea for you. I love it and have it in two shades of pink. 🙂

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