Growing up, I can never recall a day that my Mother did not prepare a home-cooked breakfast and supper. Her small kitchen was always filled with smells of country-fried steak, biscuits, gravy, peach cobbler and chocolate chip cookies. Most days would find my Mother preparing a meal or baking a cake for someone who needed love or encouragement.

She would often quote an old proverb that says “If there’s room in the heart, there’s room in the home”. And if that special someone was not able to come to her home, she loaded up the goodies and made a delivery to their house! Watching her use her gifts in the kitchen and truly living out this proverb has stirred within me a desire and passion to make this a part of my everyday living. Mother is now in Heaven, but so much of her lives on in our kitchen. We love opening up our hearts and our home to family and friends and so much of life these days seems to center around the kitchen.

So, I welcome you into our kitchen and invite you to sit at our table. We can fellowship together, as recipes, photos, and food stories are meant to be shared.



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