I would think that no human thought or emotion goes untouched or unexposed, in some way, by a song. Music has forever had a significant role in our lives and has been “instrumental” in the beginning of new chapters all along the way. Music is a wonderful part of our lives literally every day. I play guitar, sing, and write. Pam plays keyboard and sings. Our son plays guitar, sings, and writes.

In a way, God used music to bring Pam and me together through an old 45rpm vinyl record that got her attention. That was just one of the many new chapters. Music is so much a part of our worship. Music brings us joy and sometimes makes us sad. A song often takes us, via our memories, to a certain time or a special place.

A John Denver lyric says ,”music makes pictures and often tells stories”. We hope to tell a few stories and paint some pictures as we talk about the various ways music has affected us all in our everyday living.


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