In the beginning, God created the outdoors. He then put people on earth into that great outdoors. Honestly, in this Genesis account, I do not see where He created indoors. Some bad choices on our part have put us in need of shelter from the elements. But creation, that is, the outdoors and all that’s out there, is still a beautiful and bountiful place. Mankind has added some nice features, along with some things that are not so appealing. But all in all, there is so much to benefit from and enjoy.

Our family has a real fondness for outdoor activity. There are a lot of variations in what we each enjoy doing outside. Pam loves to eat al-fresco. She enjoys walking and jogging, outdoor photography, watching wildlife, and taking in awesome scenery. I love the same things along with hunting, hiking and fishing. Outdoor events and sports fit in too. We can’t leave out a sunrise, a sunset, a rainbow, or observing the night sky with a telescope. This list could go on for a while since “outdoor living” has such a frequent and prominent place in our everyday living“.

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