One Of A Kind

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I have a thought that comes to mind occasionally that I’d like to mention. Everyone in the world who is six or seven years old probably understands what I’m about to say, so that fact may cause us to miss the point. It is easy to have thoughts and ideas about individuals, families, people groups, and even nations (whether currently or historically) without any consideration of a fact we all realize, but never think about.
And that is: no human who has ever lived has had one single thing to do with who their parents would be, where on this big planet they would be born or at what precise moment throughout all time that they would arrive on earth. No choices as to who, when, or where. Zero! Zilch!

This with one exception.

A blog I enjoy included a statement today that reminded me of the one and only exception. The Baby of Christmas is the only human to choose his family, his exact time, and his exact place to be born. At a precise time, chosen before the foundation of the world, Jesus would be born. His ancestors were selected. His parents were chosen and Bethlehem was appointed to be the birthplace.

The most unique, profound, and world-changing event to take place during the existence of people; past, present, and future.

We hope with this thought in mind that you take a minute to read the account of this
one-of-a-kind birth of choice. Maybe you’ve read it a thousand times. I believe you will enjoy it again (and again, and again). Maybe you’ve never read about this event.

We invite you to join us on the blog tomorrow and read an account of the birth of this Child, who chose every circumstance regarding His own birth.

More importantly, we hope you take time to read more and discover the reason He entered the human scene as He did.

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  1. Kim says:

    What an awesome trough! It’s really neat to think that it may have actually been the one where Jesus was all those years ago. Even better is to know He is here with us today! The Lord is everywhere, and He is in charge of the universe. Praise our Lord of Lords and King of Kings!

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