Chihuly Garden & Glass

“Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.”
Proverbs 11:25

We are back in Seattle today!  Last week, we took you along with us to Pike Place Market and I sure hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!  While we were visiting the Pacific Northwest, we covered a lot of ground…and saw a lot of interesting sites!  Early one morning, hoping to beat the crowds, Butch and I trekked out for a two minute ride on the monorail to visit the iconic Space Needle!  Since neither of us had ever been, we expected to go to the top, catch a nice view of the city, come right back down, and be on our way.

As we made our way to the ticket counter, I realized we could buy a combo ticket that included the Chihuly Garden and Glass, located adjacent to the Needle.  Now truth be known, I had planned to visit the exhibition, but had not yet mentioned it to Butch, thinking he would not be interested. At the suggestion to purchase the combo tickets,  he responded…”Who is Chihuly”?  I reminded him of the spectacular ten million dollar chandelier in the lobby at the Bellagio in Las Vegas made by Mr. Chihuly (he didn’t seem to remember).

But all it took was a trip to the top of the Space Needle.  Once at the observation deck, we could see over into the Chihuly Garden, and Butch’s interest level was piqued!  Being the artsy kind, I knew I would love it, but the fact that Butch was totally captivated by the sheer scope of Chihuly’s work was a pleasant surprise!  This exhibition was one of the highlights of our trip to Seattle!!!  Although the pictures cannot do his work justice, sit back and enjoy this feast for the eyes!

As we entered the “Glass Forest”, the first room of the exhibit, we were both taken by the unbelievable talent of Dale Chihuly.  We just stood and admired this very fluid glass sculpture made in the early 1970’s.

Neon was introduced inside the pieces which was very innovative during the early ’70’s.

The “Northwest Room” showcases these beautiful Native American weavings that Chihuly has collected.  He was born in 1941 in Tacoma, Washington.  He was introduced to glass while studying interior design.  In 1968, after receiving a Fullbright Fellowship, Chihuly went to work at the Venini glass factory in Venice.  There he observed the team approach to blowing glass, which is critical to the way he works today.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, the “Sea Life Room” reflects Chihuly’s love for the sea.  The sea life tower is 20 feet high.

The tower’s fluid motion represents the waves of the sea

Standing beneath the “Persian Ceiling” was a breathtaking experience!  It was hard to take it all in, the colors and shapes are magnificent!

“I want people to be overwhelmed with light and color in a way they have never experienced.” -Dale Chihuly

I have never seen such an explosion of color and form as when I laid my eyes on the  “Mille Fiori”!!

“Mille Fiori”, a thousand flowers in Italian, is a glass garden of bold and unexpected forms that are rich and vibrant in color.


Chihuly was greatly influenced as a child by his mother’s beautiful and colorful garden.


Notice the use of primary colors… this glass sculpture just left me speechless!

By the time we entered the “Ikebana and Float Boat Room, I thought for sure Chihuly had exhausted all the colors and shapes, but once again, what amazing artistry!

These sculptures were inspired by the experience of Chihuly in Nuutajärvi, Finland during the mid 1990’s.

His personal wooden boats were used for this exhibit.


There were many beautiful chandeliers in the exhibit, but I am only sharing this one!

“I woke up one morning and said I want to hang chandeliers over the canals of Venice, my favorite city.  I probably took that to extreme with the chandelier series which I started in 1992.”

In September 1996, Dale Chihuly successfully concluded his monumental project, Chihuly Over Venice, with the installation of fourteen immense glass chandeliers throughout the fabled city of Venice.

Exiting the indoor exhibition, we entered this extraordinary glass house!  Chihuly was greatly influenced by a lifetime collection of photos of glass houses and conservatories.  The asymmetrical glass house contains one gigantic sculpture that is 100 feet long and 25 feet high of mostly reds, yellows, and oranges!

The lovely gardens are about 26,000 square feet.  The landscaping was designed around several large glass installations.

The landscape was centered around the installations and actually came in second behind the glass sculptures.

Glass lavender reeds identify this space.


The yellow sun sculpture is elevated in front of the glass house.

Chihuly’s work is included in more than 200 museum collections worldwide



Butch and I loved the cafe hallway ceiling lined with old accordions!  What a brilliant idea to use these instruments in a different artistic manner!


Dale Chihuly is a premier glass artist, teacher of others, and the man responsible for redefining modern glass sculpture as fine art.

 I was so excited to share this amazing body of art work with you.  I hope you enjoyed visiting through my camera lens!

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  1. Sandy Park says:

    Thank you for sharing your trip. I live in a small village in the mountains of New Mexico. We’re lucky to have a wonderful display of Chihuly’s work here at the Spencer Theater. It’s a 25′-30′ red chili Christmas tree commissioned by Jackie Spencer. It is amazing.

  2. Leslie Anne Tarabella says:

    We have a similar chandelier at our local art center, and to have it cleaned, we had to call the artist to come back to town and disassemble it. I can’t imagine what this place goes through to keep everything dust free! These works are absolutely beautiful. So glad you showed us the photos.

  3. dolores says:

    Muchas gracias Pam por mostrar estas maravillas. El arte del cristal, precisa de unas cualidades que no todo el mundo posee. Se necesita ser paciente, sereno, creativo al máximo y muy hábil y experto en la materia. Eso no se consigue de la noche a la mañana por eso debe ser paciente.
    Es una de las artes más difíciles. Indudablemente Chihuly lo era.
    Todo un alarde de imaginación, creatividad y una fiesta del color.

    Pam thank you very much for showing these wonders. Glass art, requires qualities that not everyone possesses. They need to be patient, serene, full creative and very skilled and skilled. This is not achieved in the overnight so be patient.
    It is one of the most difficult arts. Chihuly undoubtedly was.
    A great show of imagination, creativity and a celebration of color.

    • Dolores, las esculturas de vidrio y el jardín eran tan increíble. Gracias a mi amigo para sus visitas fieles a nuestro blog! Envío de amor, Pam

      Dolores, the glass sculptures and garden were so amazing. Thank you my friend for your faithful visits to our blog! Sending love, Pam

      • dolores says:

        Tus reportajes me dan serenidad, me llevan a lugares hermosos que me encantan y en estos momentos duros no te puedes hacer una idea de lo beneficiosos que son para mí. La agradecida soy yo.
        Your reports give me serenity, take me to beautiful places that I love and in these hard times you can not get an idea of how beneficial they are for me. I’m grateful.

      • Dolores, Estoy buscando el correo electrónico de que ha indicado que ha enviado a mí. Nos habían desaparecido durante 7 días, así que debe de haber dejado de verlo. Voy a encontrarlo y responder! Abrazos, Pam

  4. Nikki G says:

    WOW!! I loved the sculptures and lights that I saw in Vegas, but I had no idea who did them or that he was such a well known artist. I believe that I saw lots of his work at the Atlantis in the Bahamas also, as it is really unmistakable! Thanks for sharing this.
    🙂 gwingal

  5. Stacey says:

    Beautiful! I’ve seen Chihuly’s art two times. A couple of years ago it was placed outdoors at The Dallas Arboretum and it was amazing. How fun. 🙂

  6. Shenita says:

    What a beautiful exhibit! As Stacey mentioned, there was an exhibition, here, at The Dallas Arboretum, a couple of years ago. The art is beautiful.

  7. Margaret Robinson says:

    Thanks for sharing the work of this wonderful artist. We were lucky when years ago we were staying at the WAC in Seattle and spotted unique pieces of artwork on the main floor. When we enquired about them, were told they were by Dale Chihuly. We immediately purchased two of the smaller pieces and nothing has ever changed our minds about the beauty of same. We are also glad we bought them when we did as he no longer does pieces for sale to the general public. What a talent and am glad you shared his work with the rest of us!

    • Margaret, how wonderful that you own two pieces by Chihuly, amazing! The Atlanta Botanical Gardens has a Chihuly exhibition through October and I am planning a visit! Thanks so much for telling me your story! Blessings~

  8. Chihuly is one of my favorite artists Pam, what a treat to visit this gallery and see so many of his creations all in one place. His fearless use of color and form in an inspiration to all… It must have truly been overwhelming! Thank you for taking us with you!

  9. tennisqueen says:

    I have collected hand blown glass since I was very small. My parents started it for me- when we would go on vacation that is what I would ask for as a souvenir. I love Chihuly!!!! Thank you so much for posting – I think a trip to Seattle is in my future!!!

  10. Kim says:

    That is amazing! Thanks for sharing your photos. I know it looks even better in person, so if I’m ever in Seattle, that’ll be on my list! 🙂

  11. Jann Olson says:

    Wow, what an exhibit Pam! I’m sure it was his artwork that was on display here in UT when we hosted the Olympics. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  12. Hi Pam, I’ve seen 2 of his past exhibits but he’s outdone himself this time! Glad you and Butch were able to see the exhibit and the needle! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos! Blessings, Janet

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