Triple Creek Ranch: A Montana Hideaway (Part One)

“America the Beautiful” is an understatement. But how can you completely and adequately describe such a vast and varied land as America in a 3 minute song? A trip we recently made to Montana elevated our senses, once again, to God’s indescribable creation! We experienced “purple mountain majesties” and had daily reminders of why Montana is “Big Sky” country.

“The heavens declare the glory of God, and the sky above proclaims his handiwork”
Psalm 19:1

The Triple Creek Ranch is hidden away in Montana’s Bitterroot Mountains near Darby. The Bitterroot River runs nearby through the valley that stretches north and south near the Idaho border. What a privilege for us, as a family, to spend a few days at Triple Creek! The place is breathtaking and the people (the staff that we prefer to call the “ranch family”) make sure you get the most from your visit.

Have you ever said  “that’s something I’ve always wanted to do”? We have probably all made that statement a few times. No doubt those things we dream about doing are different for each of us.  But with so much to do at Triple Creek, chances are you will do something you’ve always wanted!

With so much to see and explore at Triple Creek, we will divide our experience into two blog segments.  We hope you enjoy the journey and invite you to come back for the sequel!


Entry to the ranch

The lodge blends seamlessly with its surroundings

Sapphire skies with puffy white clouds form a breathtaking backdrop for the Ponderosa Pines

Rustic elegance in our private log cabin

I made our reservations for Triple Creek in August 2013.  Who knew that they would be named the number one hotel in the world in the July publication of Travel and Leisure Magazine?!

(If anyone needs travel advice just give me a call- haha!)

All of the guests at Triple Creek were invited to the owners’ home for dinner.   We dined at the table in the foreground with a beautiful lake and mountain vista.  Craig and Barbara Barrett were such gracious hosts and they both have intriguing bios!  Craig was CEO of Intel and Barbara was Ambassador to Finland and a trained astronaut.

Love this photo of Seth and Allison taking in the view

Seth has always wanted to be a cowboy!

Inside the beautiful Barrett home

Ready for trail ride on the ranch and the Bitterroot National Forest!

Relieved that “Duke” liked me!

Four hour ATV ride on the 26,000 acre CB Ranch with awesome scenery!


While riding, we came across a herd of free roaming bison

Seth and Allison

Allison and I bundled up for the ride!

Seth captured this beautiful photo of the Bitterroot River on our wildlife and photo safari


Mule deer in velvet

Saw a family of 3 black bears!

The moisture that settled between the mountains made for a beautiful-but not an ordinary- rainbow!

The dining at the ranch was a culinary and visual feast!  Two of the delicious salads I enjoyed;  on the left is a yellow watermelon salad and a haricot vert salad on the right.

My boys enjoying the ranch chili and chips for lunch

The skies are really this blue in Big Sky Country!

The old wagon at the corral

“The mountains rose, the valleys sank down to the place that you appointed for them”
Psalm 104:8

closer both


  1. susanbetweennapsontheporch says:

    Pam, what a spectacular place! I would love to see bears in the wild like that. Truly gorgeous scenery! I think I secretly want to be a cowgirl…got the boots already, now just need the hat! 🙂

    • Everyday Living says:

      Thanks Susan! My husband and son have always wanted to be Cowboys, so this was as close as they will ever get!!

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