As a ten year old, one of my chores was dusting the furniture. I would use the opportunity to rearrange the chotsky’s that graced my Mother’s tabletops, and she never seemed to mind! As a teenager, I changed the color of my bedroom from a perfect lavender (that I had chosen) to a shocking orange! My parents never batted an eyelash, they just let me be creative. I also loved putting together my outfits–anything that let my creative juices flow! Fast forward to when Butch and I married, I went in to full decorating mode. He was so patient, never knowing what he might find or how I may have re-decorated when he came home from work that day! We soon began to attend antique auctions and started collecting interesting pieces. As my taste began to be refined, I would edit and sell furniture and accessories that no longer suited my style. The next thing I knew, friends and family were asking if I could help them decorate a room or solve a dilemma. So my passion was fueled just knowing that others liked my style and enlisted my help. In late 1996, God opened a door of opportunity that changed everything–I was officially “hired” to decorate an entire house! From that one job, I gained numerous job offers and went into the interior decorating business. Now eighteen years later, I look back and am overwhelmed with God’s goodness in allowing me to follow a dream. I have semi-retired, but still enjoy working with a few clients. My motto was always “Why live in black and white, when you can choose color?” As Charles Faudree, one of my favorite designers said, “It is not about the match, but about the mix”. I will be sharing some of my past work and how I incorporated style and comfort into families’ everyday living!

Dreaming Blue

Breath Of Fresh Air!

Be Our Guest! 

Rise ‘n Shine!

Autumn Graces

Blessings In Bloom

Changin’ It Up: Velvet & Paisley Bedding

The Perfect Blend

Powder Room

Bon Voyage To Bon Appetit!


  1. Jaybird says:

    Absolutely beautiful!!!, and just my colors. I also have a red wall in the dining room, and still think it is gorgeous 20 years later :^) I collect red and white transferware, so it makes sense to have a red wall. I am in love with your rooms, and hope that you go on to show close-ups………often!
    Blessings to you,

  2. God gave you the gift of an eye for shape, color, texture, pleasing arrangement, function, comfort, and an appreciation of beautiful objects. I understand the ‘decorating eye’. As a 10 year old, I would go into new development display homes and re-arrange furniture! One time at a state park lodge, I re-arranged furniture (when no one was in the room)! I still love to decorate, but try to balance it by reminding myself that this earth is not our permanent home–but we still have to make it look pretty, don’t we? Ha! I can definitely see the Charles Faudree influence in your style. Very nice.

    • Sounds like you got the decorating bug as early as I did! You are so right, this is not our home, only temporary! But I do enjoy making our home a respite from all the noise that demands our attention! Thanks for your gracious comments!

  3. Katherine says:

    I can’t tell you how thankful I am to find your blog! I was beginning to think I was all alone in my love for rich, beautiful colors and luxurious fabrics! The blogosphere is filled with white and broken down everything! So, you have a new fan and a kindred spirit in me. I’m looking forward to everything else you may want to share!

    • Everyday Living says:

      Katherine, welcome and so nice to meet you! I am so glad to find another kindred spirit! I have always loved color! I say do what you love and it will always be in style. Trends come and go, but stay true to the style that makes you happy!

  4. Esther Dill says:

    Pam, Love your decorating. I LOVE color and while I love the Bloggers that I follow, who do “neutral” w/ spots of color, I have never been able to do neutral. So it is encouraging to see wood stained cabinets in the kitchen and a lot of patterns, textures & colors. I think while my style is very traditional, I have a French / Tuscan flair. Another great Blog is Our Southern Home.
    Thanks for blogging and sharing your home.

    • Esther, thanks so much for your sweet comments. I have always loved the warm vibrant Tuscan and Provencal colors! I am noticing several publications are saying that color is on its way back…never left me! I can’t get excited about all white! Blessings~

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