When Butch and I married, I had only traveled to three states, and he had been to maybe six or seven. The opportunity to see the world was only a dream. In those days, the possibility of traveling beyond the borders of a few southeastern states was believed to only be attainable by the wealthy. Today, I am so grateful for the privilege of placing our feet on five continents and thirty-eight countries. Travel has expanded our horizons, helped us understand different cultures, and enabled us to get a glimpse of what others may face in their everyday living. But most importantly, we have sensed that the world desperately needs to hear the “good news” of Jesus’ love and redemption. The trip He made to the planet and the work He accomplished while here is not something taken seriously, understood, or even known about in many places we’ve traveled.

We hope to share some bits and pieces about past places and take some new journeys, too. You are invited to come along, and perhaps you will have room for us to join you as you venture. Butch has a saying, “everybody’s got to be somewhere”. Whether this phrase is original or not, I haven’t a clue, but maybe that “somewhere” will soon be a return to an old place we have fond memories of, or a new place that hasn’t seen the soles of our feet before. Either way, it’s never good to travel alone.



  1. muchloverose says:

    Good Morning Pam & Butch ~
    I just found your blog and noticed you traveled to Capri Italy. My husband use to own a capri (car) and just looked up the little island of Capri. We want to take a trip there in a few years, and was wondering how you liked (loved) it.
    Have a wonderful day.
    Much love,

    • Rose, I am so glad you found our blog, welcome and hope you will visit with us often! We absolutely loved Capri and would love to go again. The scenery was amazing along with the food. I certainly hope you get to go sometime! Have a wonderful evening! Blessings, Pam

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